Outcome Based Education (P.G. Information Technology)

Program Outcomes

  1. Ability to effectively & efficiently apply the knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  2. Ability to demonstrate expertise in solving specific industry related problems
  3. Ability to design & develop products/services/solutions which benefits society at large.
  4. Ability to write and present technical papers in reputed journals.
  5. Ability to analyse impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental &
    Societal context

Program Specific Outcomes

  1. Apply knowledge of computing to classic problems of various domains.
  2. Strengthen multidisciplinary research skills by illustrating various approaches and techniques ,utilizing  advanced computing tools for resolving national relevance problems.
  3. Develop life-long learning attitude by acquiring multidisciplinary knowledge for satisfying global   requirements.
  4. Acquire knowledge of cyber security & Laws, management information systems,  professional ethics ,IPR & patenting, digital business & environment  management to have all round personality in order to  become valued and responsible professionals.