Establishment : Academic Year 2011-12
Objective :
1. To empower students and teachers in the teaching-learning process with the latest devices used in the industry.
2. To test various applications which are developed as mobile applications by the students during their projects.
3. To test and enhance the effectiveness of these tablets for use in class rooms.
4. To encourage Development of new educational applications and contents on Aakash, largely through final year Research and Development projects done by BE/ME students at the Institute.
5. Thakur-IIT Bombay - Aakash Tablet Application Development Centre, spoken tutorial for learning open source programming tools and development platform.
Expected Outcome :
1. Used in the daily teaching learning process to enhance knowledge of teachers and students.
2. Used to take online quiz to assess the performance of training that the participants have undergone.
3. Test various applications like a personal computer and a smart phone.
4. Connect to the Internet via Wi-fi facility and learn topics through online courses.
5. Developed new educational applications and contents.
Aakash Tablet Co-ordinator : Dr. Kamal Shah, Dean R&D.
Aakash Workshop Co-ordinator : Mr. Aaditya Desai.