"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man." - Swami Vivekanand
"Department of Electronics & Computer Science (E&CS) will strive to achieve academic excellence in electronics and electronics related technical education in University of Mumbai to develop internationally competent professionals with a sense of responsibility and social sensitivity."
To achieve academic excellence by creating the right ambience for nurturing and enhancing personal as well as professional skills that will enable students to compete globally.
Program Specific Outcomes
PSO1:  To clearly understand the concepts and applications in the field of Electronics such as semiconductor technology, signal processing, embedded systems, communication etc. and acquire skills to Identify, formulate & solve problems in related fields of Electronics.

PSO2:  To design electronics and computer-based components and systems for applications including signal processing, communication and control systems with the capability to comprehend the technological advancements with the help of modern design tools to analyze and design subsystems/processes for a variety of applications.

PSO3:  To understand the impact of engineering solutions in a Global, Economic, Environmental, and Societal context and co-relate the learning to derive solutions to real world problems.

PSO4:  To demonstrate skills to communicate in verbal and written form effectively and demonstrate the practice of professional ethics along with the concerns for societal and environmental wellbeing.
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