"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man." - Swami Vivekanand
“The department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities shall strive to provide powerful educational effectiveness by linking facts, theory, inquiry, discovery and solutions to real world problems thereby providing a sound foundation to the undergraduate students.”
An endeavor to provide a strong base in engineering and technology, where students, faculty and staff work collaboratively to expand knowledge in the basic disciplines that is appropriate to their career goals, equipping well with knowledge and skills that will allow them to function as responsible and contributing members of society.
Program Specific Outcomes
Develop the ability to understand, demonstrate, identify, analyze and apply the skills and knowledge gained from foundational courses of humanities, sciences and engineering, and relate these fundamentals with core subjects in the relevant field.
Understanding basic skills and principles of engineering by developing and engaging them in life-long learning with effective skills inculcating quality of reasoning, logic, analysis and communication.
Cultivate the ability to work in teams and learn by participating in Technical Events and Social Welfare Programs and develop the attitude for working productively as an individual and in cross disciplinary teams to become better citizens in multicultural world.

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