About Digital Library

A digital library is an online platform of TCET Central Library that offers students and staff to access a wide range of academic resources. Digital Library has dedicated 24 PCs with Broadband internet connectivity.


  • Digital libary include subscribed e-resource like
  • IEEE-ASPP Periodicals package
  • ASCE ejournals package
  • ASME Digital Collection (33 ASME ejournals + AMR Ess)
  • Springer nature ejournals package
  • Elsevier ejournals package Engineering & Computer Science
  • Ebrary includes 42000+ ebooks academic journals, research papers, multimedia materials, and databases.

The digital library is accessible via the internet, allowing users to search, retrieve, and utilize scholarly materials from anywhere and at any time, through remote access ‘Knimbus Digital Library Mobile App’. The goal of a digital library is to support the academic needs of the institution's community by providing convenient and comprehensive access to information.

8 E-Journals Data bases:

  • IEEE-All Society periodicals Package - 228 Journals
  • Springer Electrical, Electronics & CMPN – 602 Jaournals
  • ASME-Mechanical Engineering 31 Journals
  • ASCE-Civil Engg - 42 Journal new
  • ProQuest EBooks E-brary - 41,000 + EBooks
  • J-Gate - Engineering & Technology- 15743 indexed & 21328 full text articles
  • Elsevier-Science Direct - 275 Journals
  • Knimbus Digital Library - Remotely Content Access + Mobile App

Book Bank Facility for economically backward students with more than 2810 books
Department Library with average 500 books and 800 project reports
Organised 5 training programmes of e-resources for faculty members. Book Exhibition for students and faculty


  • Audio Visual Room : Seating capacity (20)
  • Digital Library : 24 PCs and 1000 Mbps Internet
  • Library Management : Koha Software