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New Arrival October 2023

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
29828-29830 Stallings ,W. Computer Organization & Architecture : designing For Performance-11e Pearson
29831-29833 Bhurchandi, K.M.& Ray, A .K. Advanced Microprocessors & Peripherals-3e MgH
29834-29838 Rao, R. Nageswara Core Python Programming -3e dreamtech
29839-29841 Kreyszig ,Erwin Advanced Engineering Mathematics-10e Wiley
29842-29851 Maheshwari, B. Uma & Sujatha ,R. Introduction to Data Science Wiley
29852-29856 Kikani ,Prashant Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Simplified AI & Machine Learning Concept For Everyone BPB
29857-29861 Leekha , Gaurar Learn AI with Python : explore Machine Learning & Deep Learning techniques. BPB
29862-29866 Khurmi,R .S. & gupta ,J.K. Theory of Machines S .Chand
29867-29871 Ogata ,Katsuhiko Modern Control Engineering.-5e Pearson
29872-29886 Kodgire, V.D. & Kodgire, S.V. Material Science & Metallurgy For Engineers-46e Everest P. House
29887-29895 Bimbhra, P.S. Power Electronics Khanna BK Pub. Co.
29896-29900 Forouzan ,Behrouz A. Data Communications & networking with TCP/IP protocol suite-6e MgH
29901-29903 Stallings, William Computer Organization & Architecture; designing for performance-11e Pearson
29904-29906 Tanenbaum, Andrew s. & Feamster, Nick Computer Networks-6e Pearson
29907-29911 Godbole, Nina & Belapure, Sunit Cyber Security Wiley
29912-29914 Silberschatz, Abraham & Galvin ,Peter Operating System Concepts Wiley
29915-29917 Horowitz, Ellis & Sahni, Sartaj Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms-2e Univ.Press
29918-29942 Rose, Lovenlyn s. & Ashok Kumar L. Deep Learning using Python Wiley
29943 Buduma,Nithin & Buduma , Nikhil Fundamentals Of Deep Learning -2e SPD
29944 Goodfellow , Ian & Bengio,Yoshua Deep Learning MIT Press
29945-29954 Das,Amit Kumar & Goswami,Saptarshi Deep Learning Pearson
29955-29959 Sikkka,Bharat Elements of Deep Learning for Computer vision. BPB
29960-29964 Gridin,Ivan Time Series Fore casting using deep learning BPB
29965-29969 Murthy,C Siva Ram & Manoj , B,S, Ad Hoc Wireless Networks : Architectures & Protocols Pearson
29970-29974 Kanetkar, Yashvant & Kanetkar,Aditya Let us Python-5e BPB
29975-29976 Kanetkar, Yashvant & Kanetkar,Aditya Let us Python Solutions-4e BPB
29977-29978 Ayeva, Ahidjo & Ayeva,Kamon Python in depth BPB
29979-29980 Guleria, Pratiyush Basics of Python programming BPB
29981-29982 Sohaib,Mohd. Ethical Hackers Certification Guide (CEHVII) BPB
29983-29984 Schildt, Herbert Java; The Complete Reference-12e MgH
29985-29986 Nigam,Manisha Advanced analytics With Excel 2019 BPB
29987-29988 Ramuka,Murari Data analytics with Google Cloud platform BPB
29989-29990 Bunce, Fredrick W. The Iconography of Water well @ tank forms of the Indian Subconfinent. D.K. Printworld
29991-29992 Bhadani,B.L. Water Harvesting,Conservation & irrigation in Mewar (AD 800-1700) Manohar

New Arrival January 2023

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
29806-29825 Bass,Len & Weber,Ingo DevOps: a software architects Perspective Pearson
29826-29827 Mishra,B.K. MULTICON-w : Abstract TCET

New Arrival June 2022

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
29538 – 29562 Maheshwari, Uma & Sujatha, R Introduction to data science; practical approach with R and Python Wiley
29563 – 29587 Hameed, Mohd. Abdul Python for Data Science Wiley
29588 Schutt, Rachet & O’Neil, Cathy Doing Data Science O’Reilly

New Arrival March 2020

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
29494-29498 Klir,George J. & Yuan, Bo Fuzzy Sets & fuzzy logic:Theory & Applications Pearson
29499-29503 Bird, Steven & Klein,Ewan Natural Language Processing With Python O’Really SPD
29504-29508 Horowitz,Ellis & Sahni,Sartaj Fundamentals of data structures in C++ -2e Universities Press
29509-29519 Singh,Vijay Pratap Energy audit & Management Vijaypratap Singh
29520-29527 Singh, Vijay Pratap Personality Development & grooming using military traits Singh,Vijay Pratap
29528-29529 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) & Sedamkar,R.R. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2017: 8th International Conference & Workshop: Feb 24 & 25,2017:Proceeding McGraw Hill
29530 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2020 : Souvenir TCET
29531 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2020 : abstract TCET
29532-29533 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2020 : 11th  National & International Conferences & Workshops; Feb 28 & 29 ,2020;Proceedings TCET
29534 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2021 : Souvenir TCET
29535 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2021 : abstract TCET
29536 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2018 : 9th  National & International Conferences & Workshops: Proceedings TCET
29537 Mishra,B.K. (ed.) MULTICON-W 2019 : 10th  National & International Conferences & Workshops:Proceedings TCET

New Arrival February 2020

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher

Prabhupada ,Swami

Beyond illusion & doubt : a Vedic Perspective on western philosophy



Hamacher,Carl & Vranesic,Zvonko

Computer organization & embedded Systems -6e



Kodali,V. Prasad

Engineering Electromagnetic Compatibility -2e



Sinha,N.C. & Roy,S.K.

Fundamentals of Prestressed Concrete



Leon, Alexis

ERP demystified-3e




Enterprise resource planning-2e



Manning,C.D. & Schufze,H.

Foundations of Statistical natural language processing

MIT Press


Forouzan,B. & Mukhopadhyay,D.

Cryptography & network Security-3e




Test your Skills in Python language



Khurmi,R.S. & Khurmi,N.

Steam Tables



Chua,Chee Kai & Leong,Kah Fai

Rapid Prototyping-5e

World Scientific



Environmental management for Sustainable Development-2e



Kulkarni,Vijay & Ramachandra,T.V.

Environmental Management




Structural analysis-I -4e



Subramanian,C & Dutt,Saikat

Software Engineering


New Arrival November 2019

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
29149-29150 Saaksvuori,A./ Immonen, A. Product Lifecyle Management-3e Springer
29151 Stark,J. Product Lifecyle Management-3e Vol.1 Springer
29152 Pinkow, Ski Jack (ed.) Disaster management Handbook CRC
29153 Kirloskar, S.V. The Man Who Made Machines: Biography Of the Pioneering industrialist from Maharashtra.L.K. KBL
29155 Darics,E.(ed.) Digital Business Discourse Palgrave
29156-29157 Patil,B.S./ Woolhouse, S.P. B.S. Patils Building & engineering Contracts-7e CRC

New Arrival September 2019

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher

Acc. No.





Ganguly,P K

Introdusing to electrical engineering




Fundamentals of electrical engineering-3e



Shah, P.

Financial Accounting For Management-3e




Algorithms:design & analysis



Sanjay k. & Puspalata

Communication Skills-2e



Kandhal,P .S.

Bituminous road construction in india




Civil Engineering Contracts & estimates




Disaster management

KW Pub



Basic Electrical engineering-2e




Basic Electrical Engineering



Ha, Tri T.

Digital Satellite Communications-2e



Baset,S.& Desrosiers,L.

Blockchain Development with Hyperledger




Artificial intelligence with Python



Viswanathan,S.T. / Naidu,N,C.

The Indian Cyber Laws

Bharat Law H.


Chun,W. J.

Core Python: application Programming-3e




Life Amazing Secrets




Professional ethics including human values-2e




Business Correspondence & report writing -5e



Laskar, A

Concrete Technology

Univ Press



Social Work research & evaluation-11e




Open-eyed Meditations




Workshop/Manufacturing Process




Engineering Mechanics-2e



Chauhan,G.S. / Kashiramka,S.

Functional English




Mechanics of materials-2e




Disaster Management






New Arrival August 2019

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
Acc. No. Author Title Publisher
28823 Pradhan ,A. / Deshpande, A.V.. Composing mobile apps: learn ,explore , apply : using Android Wiley
28824-28825 Chellappan, S. Big data Analytics Wiley
28826-28827 Mallick, S./ Subrahmanya, S.V. Principles of enterprise IT architecture Wiley
28828 Shah, P./Pillai, M. A Textbook of engineering Chemistry-I P.Jamnadas
28829-28830 Shah, V.L./Karve, S.R. Illustrated design of reinforced concrete buildings-9e (is456-2000IS 1893-2016, Is 13920-2016) Structure Pub.
28831-28832 Swamy, K./ Rao, A.K. Buiding planning & Drawing-8e Charotar
28833-28834 Ching, F,D.K. Architectural Graphics-6e Wiley
28835-28836 Radford, A./Morkoc, S. The elements of modern architecture Thames & Hudson
28837-28841 Banzi, M./Shiloh, M. Getting started with Arduino SPD
28842 Erdman, A.G./Sandor, G.N. Mechanismdesign: analysis & Synthesis:vol.1-4e Prentice Hall
28843-28847 Jadhav, B./Shah, D. Cloud Computing &services Staredu
28848-28852 Chatterjee, M. / Choudhari, Digital Forensics Staredu
28853-28857 Khairnar, V.D./Dongre, N.M. Wireless Network Staredu
28858 Kamble,A. Cinema our Dalit Pragya P.
28859-28860 Mehta,N.K. Machine tool design & Numerical Control-3e MgH
28861-28862 Bhattacharya,A. Metal Cutting : Theory & Practice Central Bank
28863 Ghosh,A. /Mallik,A.K. Manufacturing:Theory & Practice Central Bank
28864-28868 Shaw,M.C. Metal Cutting Principles-2e OUP
28869-28878 Kani,A.N. Signals & Systems MgH
28879-28880 Strunk,W. The Elements of Style BN Publishing
28881-28882 Peavy,H./Rowe,D.R. Environmental engineering MgH
28883-28884 Mills,C.B. Designing with Models-3e Wiley
28885-28886 Fay,T. Hoboken: a romance of New York vol.1&2 Harper
28887-28888 Brooks,R. The lead machine:The Small Business Guide to digital marketing Take flyte publ.
28889-28890 Nussey,J. Arduino -2e Wiley
28891-28892 Monk,S. Programming Arduino-2e MgH
28893-28895 Ghosh,A./ Mallik,A. Theory of mechanisms & machines-3e EWP
28896 Savage,D./Miller,T. IT gets better Penguin
28897-28898 Arihant Central Armed police (CAPFs) Assitstant Commandant examination 2019 Arihant
28899-28900 Arihant CDS Combined Defence Services Entrance examination Arihant
28901-28902 Arihant AFCAT Air Force Common Admission Test (online) Arihant
28903 Disha Publication CDS 12 Years topic-wise solved papers Disha Pub.
28904-28905 Karna, B. /Sanjeev K Lucents General Knowledge-9e Lucent Pub.
28906-28907 Laxmikant, M. Indian Polity; For Civil Services examination-5e MgH
28908 Publication Division, GOI. India 2019: a reference annual -63e GOI
28910 Malayala,M. Manorama YearBook 2019 Manorama
28911-28912 Arihant NDA/NA National Defence Academy/Naval Academy Arihant
28913-28914 Wachs,M. Ethics in Planning Transaction Pub.
28915 Shah,N. Blockchain for business with hyperledger fabric BPB
28916-28918 Godbole,N./Belapure, S. Cyber Security: Understanding Cyber Crimes,Computer Forensics & legal Perspectives Wiley
28919-28923 Rao,R.N. Core Python Programming-2e Dreamtech
28924-28928 Balagurusamy ,E. Introduction to Computing & Problem Solving using Python MgH
28929-28931 Singh, Sakshan /Garg, P. Value Education: Teaching Democracy & Peace APH Pub.
28932 Gay,W. Advanced Raspberry Pi : Raspbian Linux & GPIO integration Linux & GPIO integration-2e Apress
28933 – 34 Jackson, Wallace Android apps for absolute beginners covering Android 7 – 4e Apress
28935 Clow, Mark Angular 5 projects Apresss
28936 – 283937 Gupta, Deepti Applied analysis through case studies using SAS & R Apress
28938 – 28939 Michelucci, Umberto Applied deep learning Apress
28940 -28942 Beecher, K Bad programming practices 101; become a better coder by learning how  (not) to program Apress
28943 – 28944 Luu, Hien Beginning Apache Spark 2 Apress
28945 – 28947 Singhal & Dhameja Beginning Block Chain Apress
28948 – 28949 Sinha, Sanjib Beginning ethical hacking with Kali Linux Apress
28950 – 28952 Sinha, Sanjib Beginning ethical hacking with Python Apress
28953 – 28954 Peterson, R Beginning Fedora desktop -3e Fedora 28 Apress
28955 – 28957 Smith,B. Beginning,JSON Apress
28958 – 28960 Khan, R Build better chatbots Apress
28961 – 28963 Raj,S. Building chatbots with Python using NLP Apress
28964 – 28966 Iyer & Dannen Building games with etherum smart contracts Apress
28967 – 28969 Sharma, M Cosmos DB for MongoDB developers Apress
28970-28972 Paper,D. Data Scince Fundamentals for Python Apress
28973-28975 Masters,T. Deep belief nets in C++ & CUDA C Apress
28976 Donaldson,S.E.& Siegel,S. Enterprise CyberSecurity study guide Apress
28977-28979 Faroogui,S.M. Enterprise Devops Framework Apress
28980-28981 Stuben,M. Good Habits for great cooding: improning Apress
28985-28987 Hui,E G M Learn R for Applied Statistics: with data visualizations,Regressions & statistics Apress
28988-28989 Mathur,P. Machine learning applications using Python Apress
28990-28991 Yoder,E.J. & Witczak,M.W. Principles of Pavement design-2e Apress
28992-28996 Hajra,C. & Hajra,C. Elements Of workshop technology Vol.1 Media Pramotors
28997-29001 Hajra C.& Hajra C. Elements of Workshop Technology vol-2 Media Promotors
29002-29006 Rajagopalan,N. Prestressed Concrete-2e Narosa
29007-29021 Kumaraswamy,N.& Rao,A,K. Buiding Planning & drawing-8e Charotar
29022-29026 Shetty,MS & Jain,AK Concrete technology: theory & Practice -8e S.Chand

New Arrival June 2019

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
Acc. No. Author Title Publisher
28673 - 28677 Zaveri, Jyotindra Enterprise resource planning Himalaya
28678 - 28682 Ray, Rajesh Enterprise resource planning MGH
28683 - 28697 Bovee, Courtland L. Business communication today Pearson
28698 - 28699 Lesikar, Raymond V. Business communication : connecting in adigital world Chennai
28700 - 28704 Wren, P.C. High School  english grammer & composition Blackie ELT Books
28705 - 28707 Howard, Rebecca Moore Writing Matters : a handbook for writing & research MGH
28708 - 28722 Jain, Nilakshi Digital Forensic Wiley
28723 - 28724 Wickham, Hadley R for data science : import, tidy, transform, visualize & model data SPD
28725 - 28726 Wickham , Hadley Advanced R CRC
28727 - 28729 Hearn, Donald D. Computer graphics with OpenGL Pearson
28730 - 28734 Callister, William D Callister 's material science engineering Wiley
28735 - 28737 Raghavan, V Material science & engineering PHI
28738 - 28739 Boltan, W Materials for engineers & technicians Routledge
28740 - 28742 Ghosh, Amitabha Theory of mechanisms & machines EWP
28743 - 28744 Chambers, Bill spark : the definitive guide : big data processing made simple SPD
28745 - 28749 Rainer,Kell Management information systems : moving business forward Wiley
28750 - 28764 Roy, Samir Introduction to soft computing : neurofuzzy & genetic algorithms pearson
28765 - 28774 Russell, Stuart J Artificial intelligence : a modern approach Pearson
28775 - 28784 Sivanandam, S. N Principles of Soft Computing Wiley
28785 - 28789 Sierra, Kathya Head first Java SPD
28790 - 28791 Rosen, Kenneth Discrete mathematics & its applications with combinatorics & graph theory MGH
28792 - 28796 Kakade, O.G Theory of Computation Univ.Sc Press
28797 - 28801 Sayood, khalid Introduction to data Compression Elsevier
28802 -28804 Sukhatme, Suhas P Solar energy Chennai
28805 - 28807 Garg, H. P. Solar Energy : fundamentals & applications MGH
28808 - 28810 Solanki, Chetan Singh Solar photovoltaics : Fundamentals,Technologies & applications PHI
28811 - 28815 Dangeti, Pratap Statistics for Machine learning Packt
28816 - 28817 Jamesh, Gareth An introduction to statistical learning : application in R Springer
28818 - 28822 Dutta, Ashutosh Mobility protocols & handover optimization :design,evaluation & application Wiley -IEEE

New Arrival April 2019

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
Acc. No. Author Title Publisher
28668 Mishra, V./Mishra, K. MULTICON CHSTE-2019 Conference proceeding by dept TCET
28669 Dongre, V./Kasturiwale, H. MULTICON  I C-TELCON-2019 Conference proceeding by dept  EXTC TCET
28670 Bansode, R./Rathi, S. MULTICON  I C-ISCN -2019 Conference proceeding by dept  CMPN & IT TCET
28671 Sidappa, S / Jagtap, S. MULTICON  I C-AMCE -2019 Conference proceeding by dept  Civil TCET
28672 Murphy, K.P. Machine Learning: a probabilistic perspective MIT Press

New Arrival March 2019

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
28557-28561 Britz,M.T. Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime-2e Pearson
28562-28563 Garg,V.K. Wireless Communications & networking Elsevier
28564 Tripathi,N.D./Reed,J.H. Cellular Communications: A Comprehensive Wiley
28565-28566 O’Neill,M.G. Green IT for Sustainable business Viva Books
28567-28571 Pallotta,J./Bolster,R. The construction alphabet book Charlesbridge
28572 Vilas,S. Open-eyed meditations Finger print
28573-28574 Prabhat  Prakashan Unique Bharat Prabhat
28575 Nath,A./Lakshman,N. Changing Skylines:The Shapoorji Pallonji Sesquicentennial 1865-2015 SP & Co Pvt.Ltd
28576-28580 Jayaswal,K. Cloud Computing black book Dreamtech
28581-28600 Shah,D. Advanced internet Programming Staredu
28601-28615 Borker,U.J. Finite element analysis-5e Nandu
28616-28625 Khurmi,R.S./Gupta,J.K. Theory of  Machine-14e S.Chand
28626-28635 Bansal,R.K. A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Laxmi
28636-28665 Dubey,N.H. Engineering Drawing-15e Nandu
28666 Arihant Pathfinder CDS :Combined defence Services entrance examination Arihant
28667 Arihant Pathfinder NDA/NA : National Defence Academy & Nawal Academy entrance Examination Arihant

New Arrival January 2019

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
28264-28268 Sharma, S.C. Construction equipment & its Management Khanna
28269-28278 Ponnuswamy,S. Bridge engineering-3e MgH
28279-28288 Mahajan, S.P. Pollution control in process industries MgH
28289 NBA Achieving excellence through accreditation Bloomsbury
28290 UNIC Seven decades & beyond :the UN-India Connect MgH
28291-28298 Khemani, D. A First Coures in artificial intelligence MgH
28299-28303 Jain, N. /Kalbande, D.R. Digital Forensic Wiley
28304 Boy,G.A. (ed.) The handbook of human-machine interaction CRC
28305-28309 Ponniah, P. Data warehousing fundamentals for IT professionals-2e Wiley
28310-28314 Dunham, M.H. Data mining-introductory & advanced topics Pearson
28315-28316 Kothari, C.R./Garg,G. Research methodology: methods & techniques-4e New Age
28317-28321 Norman, D. The design of everyday things Basic Books
28322-28326 Rao, R.N. Core Python Programming-2e dreamtech
28327-28328 Sommerville, I. Software engineering-10e Pearson
28329-28333 Forouzan, B.A. /Mukhopadhyay,D. Cryptography & network Security-3e MgH
28334-28338 Aho,A.V./Lam,M.S. Compilers: principles,techniques & tools-2e Pearson
28339-28343 Stallings, W. Computer organization & architecture-10e Pearson
28344-28348 Stallings, W. Operating Systems-9e Pearson
28349 Dastbaz, M.(ed.) Green Information Technology Elsevier
28350 Khan, M.A. Accelerated bridge construction Elsevier
28351 Zhao, J.J. & Tonias, D.E. Bridge engineering: design,rehabilitation & maintainance of modern highway Bridges MgH
28352 Nemerow, N.L. (ed.) Industrial waste treatment Elsevier

New Arrival August 2018 +

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
27445 Singh,J./Chandorkar,N. The Race of my Life Jaico
27446 Sharma,A./Mande,A. Chanakya:his teachings & advice OUP
27447 Ghoshadastidar,P.S. Heat Transfer-2e OUP
27448 Kushner,H.S./Soman,K. When bad things happen to good people Jaico
27449 Calaprice,A./Gurjar,R. Albert Einstein: A Biography Jaico
27450 Harrison,M./Vaidya,L. The greatest speeches of Abraham Lincoln Jaico
27451-27452 Dukkipati,R V. MATLAB:an introduction with applications New Age
27453 Srinivasa,K.G./Siddesh,G.M Statistical programming in R. OUP
27454 Csiszar,I./Korner,J. Information theory:coing theorems-2e CUP
27455-27456 Flach,P. Machine learning:the art & Science of algorithms that make sense of data CUP
27457 Khan,Md.Ibrahim Welding Science & technology New Age
27458 Kapoor,B.S. Fluid Mechanics-2e New Age
27459 Rajan,T.S. Basic mechanical engineering - 4e New Age
27460-27461 Mitra,B.K. Personality Development & Soft Skills OUP
27462-27463 Aggarwal,R.S. A Modern approach to non – verbal Reasoning S.Chand
27464 Aggarwal,R.S. A Modern approach to  verbal Reasoning New Age
27465 Rao,J.S./Dukkipati,R.V. Mechanism & machine theory -2e New Age
27466 Premchand / Ratan,J. Godan: a novel of peasant India Jaico
27467 Gholkar,N. Unlock the real you : Strategies for getting ahed personally & professionally Vishwakarma Pub.
27468 Venkatessan,C. Catalyst: the ultimate Strategies on how to win at work & in life Pengvin
27469 Basu,B. Biomaterials science & Tissue engineering principales & methods CUP
27470 Chandhari,P. As is what is Vishwakarma Pub.
27471 Covey, D./Mardyks,S. Trap tales:Outsmarting the 7 hidden obstacles to success Wiley
27472 Borwankar,M.C. Leaves of Life Vishwakarma Pub.
27473 Sinha,K.K./Soni,A. Manthan: art & Science of developing leaders Bloomsbury
27474 Subramanian,R. Professional ethics: includes human valnes-2e OUP
27475-27476 Chawathe,D.D. Handbook of gear technology New Age
27477 Marthe,S. Career planning after 10th & 12th Pune
27478 Bhavikatti,S.S. Engineering mechanics: Vector & classical approach: Questions & answers New Age
27479 Akinson,F. Successful time management Jaico
27480 Ullekha,N.P. The untold Vajpayee: Politician & paradox Penguin
27481 Das,D. VLSI design-2e OUP
27482 Gopalsamy,N. Information technology & e-governance New Age
27483-27484 Thiel, D.V. Research methods for engineers CUP
27485-27489 Pillai,S. /Fernandez,A. Soft Skills & employability Skills CUP
27490-27491 Varallo,D.V./Schmitz,J. Leading in English Wiley
27492 Martin,K.M. Everyday Cryptography OUP
27493 Pozrikidis,C. Introduction to theoretical & Computational Fluid mechanics-2e OUP
27494 Evereft,B. /Boyle,G. Energy Systems & Sustainability : power for a sustainable future-2e OUP
27495 Kolay,A.K. Basic Concepts of soil Science-2e New Age
27496 Mahtani,R. Power pranayama Jaico
27497 Leach,J. The success Factor Jaico
27498 Halegna,M.Z. 100 desi stories to Jaico
27499 Sharma,R. Inspire you:Leadership Wisdom Jaico
27500 Xavior,G.F. The World’s Best Jaico
27501-27505 Horowitz,E./Sahni,S. Fundamentals of computer algorithms-2e Univ.Press
27506-27509 Vazirani,V.V. Approximation algorithms Springer
27510-27511 Juneja,B.L./Sekhon,G.S. Fundamentals of metal Cutting & Machine tools New Age
27512-27513 Rao,P. R. Digital Communication MgH
27514-27515 Guru,B.S./Hiziroglu,H.R. Electromagntic field theory fundamentals-2 CUP
27516-27520 Gulati,R.R. Monochrome & colour television New Age
27521 Bishop,M. Computer Security : art & science A-W
27522-27523 Lehman,C.M./Dufrene,D. BCOM-2e:a south-asian perspective Cengage
27524-27528 Shah,D. Advanced internet technology:includes practicals. dreamtech
27529-27533 Bahga,A./Madistti,V. Internet of thing: a hand on approach Univ .Press
27534-27535 Sloss,A.N./Symes,D. ARM system developers guide:designing & optimizing system architecture Elsevier
27536-27543 Ogata,K. Discrete-time control systems-2e Pearson
27544-27551 Gopal,M. Digital control & state variable methods:-4e MgH
27552-27556 Kuo,B.C. Digital control system-2e OUP
27557-27561 Brey,B.B. The Intel Microprocessors: architecture,programming & interfacing-8e Pearson
27561-27566 Hall,D.V./Rao,S.S.S.P. Microprocessors & interfacing:Programming & hardware-3e MgH
27567-27571 Liu,Yu-Cheng /Gibson,G.A. Microcomputer systems:the 8086/8088 family-2e Pearson
27572-27576 Abel,P. IBM PC assembly language & programming-5e Pearson
27577-27581 Bhurchandi,K.M./Ray,A.K. Advanced microprocessors & peripherals-3e MgH
27582-27586 Haykin,S. Digital communication systems Wiley
27587-27596 Singal,T.L. Analog & digital Communications MgH
27597 Mesiya,M.F. Contemporary communication systems MgH
27598-27602 Hayt,Wiliam,H./Buck,J.A. Engineering electro magnetic-8e +CD Ram MgH
27603-27604 Kraus,J./Fieish,D.A. Electromagnetics with applications-5e MgH
27605-27607 Edminister,J.A./Priye,V. Electromagnetics:-2e MgH
27608-27617 Rawat,T.K. Digital Signal Processing OUP
27618-27622 Sedra,AS./Smith,K.C. Microelectronic Circuits : theory & application-7e OUP
27623-27627 Dhake,A.M. Television & Video engineering-2e MgH
27628-27629 Anand Kumar,A. Switching theory & logic design-3e PHI
27630-27631 Robbins,S.P./Juge,T.A. Organizational behavior-16e Pearson
27632-27636 Mazidi,M./Mazidi,J.G. The 8051 microcontroller & embedded systems:using assembly & C-2 Pearson
27637-27641 Prasad,K.V.K.K. Embedded real-time systems: Concepts,design & programming:Black Book dreamtech
27642-27646 Das,L.B. Embedded Systems : an Integrated approach Pearson
27647-27651 Furber,S. ARM:System-on-chip architecture Pearson
27651-27653 Elmasri,R./Navathe,S. Fundamentals of database systems-7e Pearson
27654-27658 Ponniah,P. Data warehousing fundamentals for IT professionals-2e Wiley
27659-27663 Garcia-Molina,H./Ullman,J.D. Database System Implementation Pearson
27664-27668 Schneier,B. Applied Cryptography-2e Wily
27669-27678 Boyles,T. CCNA Security study guide Wiley
27679-27688 Thareja,R. Data Warehousing OUP
27689-27690 Connolly,T.M./Begg,C.E. Database Systems: a practical approach to design,implementation & management-4e Pearson
27691-27695 Whiteley,D. E-Commerce: Strategy,technologies & applications MgH
27696-27700 Hearn,D./Baker,M.P. Computer graphics: C Version-2e Pearson
27701-27705 Burdea,G.C./Coiffet,P. Virtual reality technology-2e Laxmi Pub.
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New Arrival July 2018 +

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
27414-27416 Kothari,D.P./Velmurugan,V. Nanotechnology & Nanoelectronics Narosa
27417-27421 Basu,D.K. VLSI Design Narosa
27422-27423 Khan,R.A./Agarwal,A. Software engineering:a Practitioner’s approach Narosa
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27428-27432 Karvinen,K./Karvinen,T. Getting started with Sensors SPD
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27438-27442 Kloski,L./Kloski,N. Getting Started with 3D printing SPD
27443-27444 Bell,D. Pulse,Switching & digital Circuts OUP

New Arrival June 2018 +

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
27220 Ortuzar, Juan de dias /Willumsen,L.G. Modelling Transport Chichester
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27222 Velte,T. / Velte,A Green IT: reduce your information Systems environmental impact while adding to the bottom line MgH
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27225 Forsyth,P. Negotiation skills for Rookies Marshall Cavendish
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27227 Davies, E. The Training Managers desktop guide Thorogood
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27236 Wickham,H./Grolemund,G. R for data science: import, tidy, transform, visualize & model data SPD
27237 Padhy,N.P. Artificial intelligence & intelligent Systems OUP
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27239 Thareja,R. Python programming: using problem Solving approach OUP
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27242 Karumanchi,N. Data structures & algorithms made easy in java Career Monk
27243 Das,M.K. Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Scientists & engineers Narosa
27244 Comer,D.J. Digital logic & state machine design OUP
27245 Mutagi,R.N. Satellite communication : principles & applications OUP
27246 Lathi.B.P. Modern digital & analog communication Systems OUP
27247 Das,D. VLSI design OUP
27248 Sukhija,M.S./ Nagsarkar, Circuit & networks OUP
27249 Dhanaraj,R./ Nair,K.P. Finite Element method OUP
27250 Boyle,G. Renewable energy: power for sustainable Future OUP
27251 Rawat,T.K.. Digital signal Processing OUP
27252 BHattacharjee,S.K. Seismic analysis & earthquake – resistant design of Structures New Age
27253 Krishna Raju,N. Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements New Age
27254 Ravichandran,R. / Saravanan,R. Problem Solving & Programming using Python StarEdu
27255 ScriptDemics Learn to master Android StarEdu
27256 ScriptDemics Learn to Master Web Development StarEdu
27257 Star certification Star Python: exam code S07-114 Star certification
27258 Yener,Murat /Dundar.Onur Expert Android Studio Wiley
27259 Paul Mueller./Massaron Machine Learning (in Python & R) for dummies Wiley
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27267 Gravano,S. Introduction to error control codes OUP
27268 Subramanian,R. Professional ethics includes human valnes OUP
27269 Roy,Uttam,K. Web Tehnologies OUP
27270 Seth,A./Juneja,B.L. Java:One Step ahed OUP
27271 Ojha,C.S.P. /Berndtsson,R. Fluid mechanics & machinery OUP
27272 Thakur,T. Mechatronics OUP
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27278 Karumanchi, N. Coding interview questions Career Monk
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27314 Tickoo,S./ Deshpande , A. AutoCAD Electrical 2018 For electrical Control Designers-9e+ cd Rom BPB
27315 Script Demics Microsoft office 2016/365 Staredu
27316 Script Demics Java Staredu
27317 Star certification Star C programming Star certification
27318 Duggal, S.K. Earthquake-Resistant Design of Structures OUP
27319 Everett,B./ Boyle,G. Energy systems & sustainability-2e OUP
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27356-27360 StarEdu Solutions CCNA: Routing & Switching Guide StarEdu
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27410-27411 Subramanian, N. Design of Reinforced concrete structures OUP
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New Arrival May 2018 +

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
27057-27081 Kumbhojkar,G.V. Applied Mathematics- IV : Mechanical P.Jamnadas
27082-27083 Bucher,J.L. The Metrology handbook New Age
27084-27085 Verma,A./Ramanayya,T.V. Public Transport planning & management in developing countries CRC
27086 O;Flaherty,CA Transport planning & traffic engineering CRC
27087-27111 Kumbhojkar,G.V. Applied Mathematics- IV : Civil Engg. P.Jamnadas
27112-27136 Kumbhojkar,G.V. Applied Mathematics- IV : Computer Engg. P.Jamnadas
27137-27161 Kumbhojkar,G.V. Applied Mathematics- IV : Information Technology P.Jamnadas
27162-27186 Kumbhojkar,G.V. Applied Mathematics- IV : EXTC P.Jamnadas
27187-27211 Kumbhojkar,G.V. Applied Mathematics- IV : ETRX P.Jamnadas
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27213 Ries,E The Lean Startup Portfolio Penguin
27214 Isaacson,W. Steve Jobs Abacus
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27217 Knapp,J. Sprint Bantam Press
27218 Gilbert,S. The Story of Facebook Jaico
27219 Gilbert,S. The Story of Amazon.Com Jaico

New Arrival February 2017 +

Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
26675 Franks,Bill Taming the big data tidal wave Wiley
26676-26677 Bahga,Arshdeep /Madisetti,Vijay Cloud Comuting: a hands on approach Universities P.
26678-26682 Pudi,Vikram /Radha Krishna,P. Data Mining OUP
26683-26687 Pai,P Operation Research OUP
26688-26697 Aho,A.v. /Ullman,J.D. Principles of Compiler design Narosa
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26703-26707 Bhattacharya,S Computer Graphics OUP
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26846-26855 Krishna R.N. Advanced Reinforced concrete design CBS
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26944-26963 Peurifoy,R.L. / Schexnayder,C.J. Construction planning,equipment & methods MgH