TCET-RSI is student chapter of esteemed Robotic Society of India, at TCET, MUMBAI. It facilitates research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement among all categories of robotics professional. The TCET-RSI is student chapter established in A.Y.2023-24 and is efficiently managed by department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (Additive Manufacturing).

RSI – TCET is dedicated to mechanical, electrical and computer engineers (MME Engineers). To empower their interest in the emerging field of robotics and automation. It serves as the platform for mentoring the aspiring students via student networking and promoting knowledge sharing activities in the area of robotics. The RSI student chapter inspires and nurtures new talent and innovations by providing exposure seminars, workshop etc.


Future plans

• To organize the annual event of RSI i.e AIR (Advances in Robotics) & workshop on robotics and its application.

• To encourage students to be member of TCET-RSI student forum and get the benefits.

Working Committee

Branch Counselor Dr. Archana Belge
Faculty In-Charge Mr. Abhishek Patil

Chairperson Mr.Saad Ghojaria
Vice-Chairperson Ms.Simpal Yadav
Treasurer Mr.Kartik Ambhore
Secretary  Mr.Labhesh Khambekar
Event Manager Mr. Archit Navrat
Marketing Head Mr.Prathmesh Majalikar
Publication Head Mr. Parth Parkar
HOC Co-ordinator Ms. Disha Shah

Membership Program

Category Tenure Rates
Regular Life-time Rs.4000+18% GST=Rs.4720
Student-UG 4 years(course duration) Rs.500+18% GST = Rs.590
Student-PG Course duration Rs.1000+18% GST = Rs.1180


  • Promote teaching, training and research related to robotics
  • Encourage interaction b/w robotics researcher in India(academic /R&D/Industrial)
  • Hold joint workshops and conferences at national level
  • Associate with other organizations involved like ASME,IEEE
  • Publish a newsletter , proceeding,journals etc.


  • Internationally recognized platform to uphold your ideas and innovation
  • Discount in charges of various robotics event
  • Members get exposure to various activities and events
  • AICTE Activity Hours being awarded