TCET Student Developement and Welfare Association

With a goal of providing a common platform to students for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities the Students’ Council – TCET was formed in the academic year 2004-05 as per the guidelines of the Mumbai University. The Students’ Council is the representative body of the students of the College. It is responsible for all the major sports and cultural activities that are organized like SOJOURN, ENERTIA and ‘SPECIAL DAYS’. Activities under the council are well supported by the team of faculty members. A gist of all the events is as follows:

Upcoming Events

Indiabulls Scholarship Seminar 21/07/2023
Student Leadership Program 28/07/2023
Replacement of BoosterDose 10/08/2023
Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav 13/08/2023 to 15/08/2023
Personality Development seminar for Women 25/08/2023
Debate-E-Darbar 12/08/2023, 19.08/2023, 26/08/2023
Samvaad 1.0 (Hackathon Winners) 29/08/2023
Teachers' Day Celebration 05/09/2023
Reflex 5.0 17/09/2023 to 20/09/2023
Bollywood Day - Talent Hunt 10/09/2023, 17/09/2023, 22/09/2023
Leadership Symposium 07/10/2023
Bootcamp on Firebase 14/10/2023
Samvaad 1.2 (Placement) 16/10/2023
Garba Celebration 20/10/2023
Annual General Meeting 08/12/2023
Hackanova 18/12/2023 to 20/12/2023

Future plans

To start various clubs to nurture the hobbies of students and provide a platform for their skills and talent.

Working Committee

Chairman of the Council  Dr. B. K. Mishra, Principal 
Overall In-Charge  Dr. Lochan Jolly, Dean-SSW  
Extra Curricular Activity Head Dr. Manish Rana 
Faculty In-Charge Mr. Vikas Singh  
Faculty In-Charge Mr. Krishna Gaikwad
Sports Faculty In-Charge Mr. Nikhil Tiwari
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Position Year/Branch/Div
1 Viraj Zaveri General Secretary BEAI&DSA
2 Sanika Lad Joint General Secretary TECOMPB
3 Hardik Ramparia General Advisor BEITB
4 Shubhangi Joshi Program Coordinator BEELEXA
5 Suhani Pandya Cultural Secretary BEE&TCB
6 Raj Desai Deputy Cultural Secretary BECOMPB
7 Advait Angawalkar Cultural Advisory BEMECHA
8 Praharsh Dubey Joint Cultural Secretary TE CSE A
9 Vinayak Nayak Joint Cultural Secretary TE CSE A
10 Aditya Jaiswal Cultural Coordinator BE CIVIL A
11 Priyanshu Pandey Sports Secretary BEioT A
12 Hardik Chemburkar Deputy Sports Secretary BEAIMLA
13 Harshidh Patel Sports Advisory BEioT A
14 Nidhi Davane Joint Sports Secretary TEAI&DSA
15 Aniket Phanse Joint Sports Secretary TE CIVIL A
16 Harsh Kunder Sports Coordinator BEAl&DSA
17 Sarvesh Sharma Discipline Secretary BEAI&DSA
18 Tanisha Shaikh Deputy Discipline Secretary BEITB
19 Avinash Singh Discipline Advisory BEITB
20 Harsh Tikone Joint Discipline Secretary TEAIMLA
21 Aryan Singh Patwal Joint Discipline Secretary TEMECHA
22 Shreyash Sharma Discipline Coordinator BEE&TCB
23 Vishal Patil Academic Secretary BEioT A
24 Jaanhvi Singh Deputy Academic Secretary BEITB
25 Ashutosh Chaudhary Academic Advisory BEAIMLA
26 Gaurav Sharma Joint Academic Secretary TEE&CSA
27 Shaivi Puranik Joint Academic Secretary TEITB
28 Aditi Shah Academic Coordinator BECOMPB
29 Hariom Gupta HSD Secretary BEMECHA
30 Vedanti Kesarkar Deputy HSD Secretary BEELEXA
31 Samriddh Shukla HSD Advisory BEMECHB
32 Aastha Singh Joint HSD Secretary TEMMEA
33 Anish Joshi Joint HSD Secretary TEMMEA
34 Atul Pal HSD Coordinator BEIT A
35 Ishir Agrawal Technical Secretary BE COMP A
36 Jwala Chaurasiya Deputy Technical Secretary BEAIMLA
37 Smit Shah Technical Advisory BEioT A
38 Maurwin Bharadwaj Joint Technical Secretary TE CSE A
39 Reha Jambavadekar Joint Technical Secretary TEAI&DSA
40 Vivek Pandey Technical Coordinator BECOMPB
41 Pratyush Chaudhary Outreach Secretary BE CIVIL A
42 Harshad Vhatkar Deputy Outreach Secretary BECIVILB
43 Ambresh Shukla Outreach Advisory BEE&TCB
44 Hardik Nimbark Joint Outreach Secretary TEloT A
45 PalakD.K. Joint Outreach Secretary TEE&TCA
46 AnkurYadav Outreach Coordinator BEAIMLA
47 Saachi Bangera Lady Representative BEioT A
48 Aayush Jain Treasurer BE CIVIL A
49 Harsh Soni Head of Marketing BEioT A
50 Nipesh Dubey Head of Public Relations BE CIVIL A
51 Dhruv Arora Hospitality Head BEioT A
52 Sudha Paudel Creative Head BECIVILB
53 Sakshi Nagori Social Media Manager BEITB