TCET Student Developement and Welfare Association

With a goal of providing a common platform to students for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities the Students’ Council – TCET was formed in the academic year 2004-05 as per the guidelines of the Mumbai University. The Students’ Council is the representative body of the students of the College. It is responsible for all the major sports and cultural activities that are organized like SOJOURN, ENERTIA and ‘SPECIAL DAYS’. Activities under the council are well supported by the team of faculty members. A gist of all the events is as follows:

Important activities

Leadership Development Program 12-14 August 2020
International Youth Day 12 August 2020
Women’s Equality Day 26 August 2020
Feel the Burn - Fitness Challenge 4-6 September 2020
Teachers Day 5 September 2020
Reflex - Online Gaming 10-13 September 2020
Vigilance Awareness Week 27 October - 2 November 2020

Future plans

To start various clubs to nurture the hobbies of students and provide a platform for their skills and talent.

Working Committee

Chairman of the Council  Dr. B. K. Mishra, Principal 
Overall In-Charge  Dr. Lochan Jolly, Dean-SSW  
Faculty In-Charge  Dr. Manish Rana 
Faculty In-Charge  Mr. Vikas Singh  
Cultural In-Charge  Ms. Aradhana Manekar 
Activity Head (Extra curricular) 
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Year/Branch/Div Position
1 General Secretary Shailja Jadon BE COMP A
2 Joint General Secretary Viraj Zaveri TE AI&DS
3 General Advisor Aniket Singh BE COMP C
4 Program Coordinator Shudhanshu Singh BE ELEX
5 Cultural Secretary Namit Singh BE ELEX
6 Deputy Cultural Secretary Shambhavi Joshi BE MECH A
7 Cultural Advisory Shruti Dubey BE COMP A
8 Joint Cultural Secretary Hardik Chemburkar TE AI&ML
9 Joint Cultural Secretary Suhani Pandya TE E&TC B
10 Cultural Coordinator Nabil Khatri BE MECH A
11 Sports Secretary Tushar Jhanwar BE MECH A
12 Deputy Sports Secretary Rohan Gupta BE ELEX
13 Sports Advisory Nishant Thakur BE CIVIL B
14 Joint Sports Secretary Hardik Ramparia TE IT B
15 Joint Sports Secretary Priyanshu Pandey TE IoT
16 Sports Coordinator Shantanu Varshney BE E&TC B
17 Discipline Secretary Rohit Yadav BE MECH B
18 Deputy Discipline Secretary Rishabh Chopda BE COMP A
19 Discipline Advisory Abhishek Singh BE CIVIL A
20 Joint Discipline Secretary Sarvesh Mahesh Sharma TE AI&DS A
21 Joint Discipline Secretary Shubhangi Joshi TE ELEX
22 Discipline Coordinator Krish Gulati BE IT A
23 Academic Secretary Alisha Gupta BE IT A
24 Deputy Academic Secretary Hritik Jagannath Kamble BE CIVIL A
25 Academic Advisory Harneet Kaur Dehiya BE E&TC A
26 Joint Academic Secretary Vishal Patil TE IoT A
27 Joint Academic Secretary Om Rane TE ELEX
28 Academic Coordinator Aayan Khan BE COMP A
29 HSD Secretary Nishant Sharma BE CIVIL B
30 Deputy HSD Secretary Khushi Bhoj BE COMP A
31 HSD Advisory Aman Jain BE COMP A
32 Joint HSD Secretary Adhish Kaushal TE IT A
33 Joint HSD Secretary Hariom Gupta TE MECH A
34 HSD Coordinator Nimish Anant Vardam BE CIVIL B
35 Technical Secretary Gurleen Pannu BE COMP B
36 Deputy Technical Secretary Advait Chirmule BE E&TC A
37 Technical Advisory Aman Syed BE COMP C
38 Joint Technical Secretary Ishir Agrawal TE COMP A
39 Joint Technical Secretary Jwala Chorasiya TE AI&ML A
40 Technical Coordinator Leander Carvalho BE CIVIL A
41 Outreach Secretary Tanisha Singh BE E&TC B
42 Deputy Outreach Secretary Bhushan Nehete BE MECH A
43 Outreach Advisory Jeevesh Singale BE IT B
44 Joint Outreach Secretary Yash Singh TE E&TC B
45 Joint Outreach Secretary Viraj Shah TE IoT A
46 Outreach Coordinator Anubhav Singh BE MECH B
47 Lady Representative Eesha Pandit BE IT B
48 Treasurer Amitabh Dixit BE COMP A
49 Head of Marketing Chhayank Brijesh Singh BE ELEX
50 Head of Public Relations Aryan Sharma BE ELEX
51 Hospitality Head Hriday Shetty BE CIVIL B
52 Creative Head Janani Menon BE ELEX A
53 Social Media Manager Vivek Pandey TE COMP B

TSDW MEMBERS 2021-2022

Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Year/Branch/Div Position
1 Arya Mishra BE COMP A General Secretary
2 Shailja Jadon TE COMP A Joint General Secretary
3 Manav Agarwal BE IT A General Advisor
4 Omkar Shirke BE ELEX Program Coordinator
5 Dheeraj Jain BE COMP A Cultural Secretary
6 Janhavi Shetty BE IT B Deputy Cultural Secretary
7 Jayesh Dave BE MECH B Cultural Advisory
8 Namit Singh TE ELEX Joint Cultural Secretary
9 Soniya Kadam TE E&TC A Joint Cultural Secretary
10 Khushi Dubey BE COMP A Cultural Coordinator
11 Nitesh Mourya BE ELEX Sports Secretary
12 Harshad Kolhe BE E&TC A Deputy Sports Secretary
13 Aman Singh BE COMP B Sports Advisory
14 Tushar Jhanwar TE MECH A Joint Sports Secretary
15 Rohan Gupta TE ELEX Joint Sports Secretary
16 Gandhar Ghawade BE CIVIL A Sports Coordinator
17 Sunil Sharma BE CIVIL B Discipline Secretary
18 Krutik Gangar BE CIVIL B Deputy Discipline Secretary
19 Priyal Wani BE MECH B Discipline Advisory
20 Tanisha Singh TE E&TC B Joint Discipline Secretary
21 Alisha Gupta TE IT A Joint Discipline Secretary
22 Anish Kuperkar BE MECH A Discipline Coordinator
23 Natasha Shetty BE E&TC B Academic Secretary
24 Harshdev Jhirmiria BE CIVIL A Deputy Academic Secretary
25 Udita Mathur BE COMP A Academic Advisory
26 Hritik Kamble TE CIVIL A Joint Academic Secretary
27 Harneet Kaur Dehia TE E&TC A Joint Academic Secretary
28 Omkar Sawant BE COMP A Academic Coordinator
29 Rohan Sharma BE IT B HSD Secretary
30 Hardika Jain BE E&TC A Deputy HSD Secretary
31 Ujjwal Verma BE COMP B HSD Advisory
32 Shruti Chaube TE E&TC A Joint HSD Secretary
33 Akshata Sharma TE ELEX Joint HSD Secretary
34 Rachit Shah BE E&TC A HSD Coordinator
35 Dhruv Tiwari BE MECH B Outreach Secretary
36 Mukta Hole BE CIVIL A Deputy Outreach Secretary
37 Megh Poddar BE IT B Outreach Advisory
38 Shrihari Poojari TE IT B Joint Outreach Secretary
39 Amitabh Dixit TE COMP A Joint Outreach Secretary
40 Mohit Gupta BE IT B Outreach Coordinator
41 Prince Pandey BE IT B Technical Secretary
42 Gaurang Beli BE COMP A Deputy Technical Secretary
43 Vikas Singh BE MECH B Technical Advisory
44 Hitansh Doshi TE COMP A Joint Technical Secretary
45 Rishabh Chopda TE COMP A Joint Technical Secretary
46 Abhishek Mishra BE IT A Technical Coordinator
47 Ritik Bhandari BE E&TC A Head of Marketing
48 Sarvesh Salvi BE E&TC B Head of Public Relations
49 Nitesh Patil BE COMP B Treasurer
50 Kunal Bhatt TE COMP A Social Media Manager
51 Smriti Singh BE E&TC B Lady Representative
52 Pratishtha Singh BE IT B Creative Head
53 Abhishek Singh BE ELEX Hospitality Head

TSDW MEMBERS 2020-2021

Sr. No. Name of the Student Class Branch
1 Dheerav Nahar CIVIL A ES&H
2 Harshad Vhatkar CIVIL B ES&H
3 Nandini Choudhary AI & ML ES&H
4 Atul Pal IT A ES&H
5 Aditya Singh IT B ES&H
6 Khushi Chitaliya AI & DS ES&H
7 Khushi Gupta COMP A ES&H
8 Ankur Kulkarni COMP B ES&H
9 Aaryan Saygaonkar COMP C ES&H
10 Jaykumar Yadav MECH B ES&H
11 Jayanti Bailur MECH A ES&H
12 Shriya Gupta E&TC A ES&H
13 Himhanshu Singh E&TC B ES&H
14 Athira Aravind Sindhu ELEX ES&H
15 Vishal Patil IOT ES&H
16 Khushi Bhoj T.E A COMP
17 Aman Syed T.E C COMP
18 Aman Jain T.E A COMP
19 Mihir Gharat T.E B COMP
20 Aman Shetty T.E C COMP
21 Khushi Dubey B.E A COMP
22 Arya Mishra B.E A COMP
23 Risabh Shukla B.E B COMP
24 Alisha Gupta T.E A IT
25 Sanyukta Udhyavar T.E B IT
26 Mansi Pal T.E B IT
27 Manav Agrawal B.E A IT
28 Khushi Joshi B.E A IT
29 Jahnavi Shetty B.E B IT
30 Meghana Thakur T.E A E&TC
31 Tanisha Singh T.E B E&TC
32 Mohit Jain B.E A E&TC
33 Jatin Tak B.E B E&TC
34 Adwait Raut B.E A E&TC
35 Sakshi Singh B.E B E&TC
36 Omkar N. Choudhary B.E ELEX
37 Namit Singh T.E ELEX
38 Ragini Mahajan T.E A CIVIL
39 Nishant Sharma T.E B CIVIL
40 Krutik Gangar B.E A CIVIL
41 Harshdev Jhirmiria B.E B CIVIL
42 Sambhavi Joshi T.E A MECH
43 Om Pitale T.E B MECH
44 Lance D'Silva B.E A MECH
45 Tanay Sambrani B.E B MECH